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Best Fitness Band: Here Is A Comparison Of Top 7 Best Fitness Bands In India

A wearable fitness band or fitness trackers have become popular among people due to the rising awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You cannot miss the presence of a smart fitness band tied on the wrist of any fitness enthusiast. One of the primary reasons why people love them is because of their ability to take the stress of measuring the daily caloric expenditure away from people’s mind. A quality fitness band effectively measures the daily number of steps that a person takes, his or her calories that are burned and thus helps the person to accurately make progress and reach their fitness goals.

Although the fitness community loves these bands, they are not cheap. If a person buys a tracker that claims to be the best fitness band in India, but later on realizes that it was not a useful investment, it can diminish their trust in these gadgets. In such a situation, the question do fitness bands really work will repeatedly haunt them. They will not want to invest in a fitness band that can indeed prove to be an asset to their health.

Are you too like millions desperately seeking an answer to the question, which band watch is best? Do not worry. From the very popular mi fitness band to Fitbit, we explore the top 7 fitness bands that will be a boon for your health.

Which Brand Is Best for Fitness Band?

1. Mi Smart Band 5 (4.2 Star Rating)

best fitness band under 3000

This fitness band comes with a 1.1 inch AMOLED colour display which is a touchscreen. You can charge your watch without tying it off your hand. A great feature of this watch is that it contains 11 workout options and thus you have a wide database of exercises to select from. It’s PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence measures your activity status according to your gender, age, and current fitness level.

The heart rate sensor in it is more advanced than its previous versions. (Mi Smart Band 4). Moreover, its accuracy in measuring the distance, steps, and calories burned is also more accurate than before.


  1. Magnetic charging offers greater convenience

  2. Presence of 11 modes of workout

  3. Monitors women’s health

  4. Better sensor accuracy


  1. Battery life span is less than Mi Smart Band 4

  2. Absence of Sp02 sensor

2. Apple Watch Series 6 (4.5 Star Rating)

best fitness band india

Powered by the novel Apple S6 SiP, the Apple Watch 6 delivers more accuracy in the tracking of an individual’s performance than its older versions. A novel feature of this watch is its blood oxygen level sensor through which users can measure the levels of oxygen in their body. They will also get alerts if the oxygen levels diminish to concerning levels. Moreover, the electrical heart sensor which monitors heart rhythms can even determine atrial fibrillation and subsequently offer the users an electrocardiogram report.


  1. Magnetic charging offers greater convenience

  2. Presence of 11 modes of workout

  3. Monitors women’s health

  4. Better sensor accuracy


  1. Battery life is not longer than before

  2. An expensive piece of gadget

3. Samsung Galaxy Fit (4.1 Star Rating)

best fitness band under 5000

It is a new launch and is not very expensive. Like Mi fitness band, it also has AMOLED display. You can avail a range of features like heart rate tracking, GPS, caloric tracking, among others. This band also has a swimming tracker. So, you can track your distance and calories burned during this activity. It has a 0.95-inch display screen and its battery can live up to 11 days.


  1. Enhanced battery life span


  1. The setting up of the watch takes much time

4. Fitbit Charge 3 (3.5 Star Rating)

Fitbit Charge 3 review

Fitbit has released its Charge 3 fitness band and the device is an enhanced version of the previous Fitbit Charge 2. The brand is renowned for its fitness trackers and thus people who are really passionate about tracking their fitness and daily physical activities should give it a try. It is charged with all the features that are necessary for individuals to track their overall health including heart rate, calories burned, number of steps, workout intensity, and the like. You can experience some serious improvements in your physique and fitness levels after you start using this fitness watch.


  1. A clear and large display screen for an engaging experience

  2. You will receive every kind of notification including weather alerts

  3. Has a tracker for women’s health


  1. Absence of a dedicated GPS

  2. Music cannot be stored in it

  3. Presence of a charger that is proprietary

5. Honor Band 5 (4.2 Star Rating)

best budget fitness band in india

Honor has released a great gadget to help everyone get on the fitness bandwagon and optimise their health. There are several features in this band that can help you stay on track and achieve all your fitness goals. Heart rate monitor, a step counter, OLED display are some of its exciting features. Moreover, if you are a starter, and are just trying to find out if fitness trackers are worth your money, Honor Band 5 is a great way to begin. It is very affordable and user-friendly.


  1. Presence of ten modes of sports

  2. The band fully supports SpO2

  3. The face of the watch is easily replaceable

  4. A very affordable gadget


  1. The charging method may not suit everyone’s preference

  2. Absence of voice assistance support

  3. Firstbeat is not supported by it

6. Lenovo HX06 Active Smartband (3.6 Star Rating)

Lenovo HX06 Active review

One of the most affordable fitness band, people who want to attain all their fitness goals in a budget can easily make use of it. Although inexpensive, it does not have any shortage of features. The smart band is water-resistant, has Bluetooth 4.2, and even a sedentary reminder functionality. Every kind of notification on your phone will be displayed in the band. You can also monitor your sleep levels using it and attain quality sleep every day.


  1. Great quality of the band

  2. Cross-platform compatibility

  3. Haptic feedback can be discerned through a vibration motor


  1. Absence of a heart rate sensor

  2. Screen brightness is not impressive

7. Realme Band (3.7 Star Rating)

realme band review

A comfortable band, Realme can be worn by people for long stretches of time without actually feeling as if they have worn anything. You will get a 0.96 inch LCD and the intuitive UI will prove to be very beneficial and convenient. It features a heart rate sensor, and all your activity data can be viewed in the app. The band is fully resistant to dust and water and is a budget-friendly gadget that can be used by people to attain better health.


  1. The band supports USB charging

  2. Silicone strap is very user-friendly


  1. Screen brightness is not impressive

  2. It displays an average performance of the heart rate sensor

After viewing the robust functionalities of all the fitness bands mentioned above, you might have realized how useful this gadget is for an average individual who does not want to keep thinking about their daily activities in a bid to attain good health. It must have answered your query, is fitness band good for health? If you are planning to purchase a band for yourself, you can consider anyone from the range of options mentioned above.

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