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Chair, Towel, Stairs & More Household Objects to Use for A Home Workout

Between getting gadgets, clothes, and gym membership, working out at the gym can get seriously expensive. Fortunately, you don’t require any of that stuff to start leading a more active life.

Your home is filled with free workout equipment if you know where to find and how to use them.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to involve in a solid workout session. There are several items you’ve already got lying around that can make up as workout equipment.

To help spark some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of the common household objects that can double as workout equipment.

towel abs workout

Caption: A towel can be used for abs workout like side plank.

A towel can replace the traditional workout mat. It may not feel as thick as a mat, so you can double up for extra padding.

You can also use two small hand towels. On a tiled or wood floor, place these towels under your feet or hands to boost the challenge of abs workouts like knee tucks, mountain climbers, and pikes.

It can also help with stretching or for an intense arm workout.

Looking for the best thigh workout? Assume the plank position on a smooth floor. Place a small towel under each of your feet. In a slow and controlled manner, glide your legs apart and then back together. Feel the heat!

chair arm workout

A chair can be used for arm workouts like triceps dips

A sturdy chair is an excellent addition to your workout sessions. It can help you practice some leg raises or perfect your squats to ace your thigh workouts.

For some arm workout, practice some triceps dips using a chair.

For a greater challenge, check out this 5-5-5 Chair workout that blends cardio, strength, and flexibility.

For chest workout, do incline push ups or step-up exercises. A chair can also support you in case of balance issues while doing lunges.

stairs leg workout

Stairs are great for walking or jogging at home.

Why buy a treadmill when you’ve got a perfect staircase at home? Running or walking the stairs is an effective way to get your glutes burning without spending a rupee.

According to a study, regularly walking 33 flights or nearly 400 steps during a session can considerably enhance your endurance, giving you a 17 per cent increase in oxygen.

This is the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in during workouts.

Additionally, a set of stairs is the perfect place for a quick cardio session.

Paper Plates

Paper plates thigh workout

Paper plates can be for thigh workouts at home

If you’re working out on a smooth surface, and want to increase your muscle engagement while practising bodyweight exercises, grab some paper plates.

For example, you can make lunges (thigh workout) more efficient by placing your foot on a paper plate and then practising it.

The paper plate decreases friction between your foot and the floor. Thus, instead of stepping forward, you can slide the paper plate forward before sliding it back as you return to the initial position.

Water Bottles

water bottles bicep curls

Heavy water bottles can be used for bicep curls

Two gallons of water roughly weighs sixteen pounds on hand. For arm and chest workouts, you can simply substitute them for classic dumbbell workouts.

Water bottles provide a nice grip and are easy to curl and swing.

Beer Bottles

beer bottles cable curls

Beer bottles can be used for cable curls

Full beer bottles have the perfect shape and size to be used instead of lightweight dumbbells called for in barre workouts. Most full beer bottles weigh 0.6 kgs, and the narrow bottle provides a nice grip too.


Pillows and couch cushions are nice and squishy, making them the perfect substitute for expensive balance tools. They’re tough to stand and perform exercises on as your body has to work harder to maintain stability on top of the foam surface.

pillow stability workouts

Pillows can be used for stability workouts like plank

For chest and arms workout try doing pushups on top of the cushion, or for thigh workout, practice split squats with one foot on the cushion, and another on the floor.


The classic weighted vest was a backpack, the 15 pounds of books we used to carry as kids. Stuff a backpack with canned foods or books, strap it on your back, and wear it at your home, while doing daily chores. You can also wear it to add weight to bodyweight exercises, like lunges, squats, and pushups.

backpacks squats

Backpacks can be used with squats

Backpack straps can be used to perform shoulder presses, curls, or makeshift kettlebell swings. ​

Heavy Books

A heavy book can substitute almost any exercise you do while holding a weight plate or a medicine ball. For example, substitute the medicine ball for a heavy book while doing weighted sit-ups, weighted oblique twists or cross-body wood chops.

heavy books sit-up

Heavy books being used for sit-ups


Holding a mop overhead when practising abs workout like standing bicycle crunches or standing oblique side crunches helps build a tight and functional core.

Also, while sweeping, a mop can give your hips, core and glutes a workout. You can also add some oblique twists or hip hinges to your usual routine.

moping biceps

Mop the floor for a great bicep workout


You can use a rope for suspension training.

Take about ten feet of rope. Tie a knot at both ends, find a sturdy door loop, and put one end of the rope through it. Then, use the rope to practice inverted rows or squats. Make two loops at the ends and place your feet in for TRX-style lunges or planks.

TRX-style lunges thigh

TRX-style lunges for thigh workout

Solid workouts don’t need expensive or fancy equipment. All they require is an eagerness to put in some sweat equity, by finding creative equipment solutions.

Go ahead and take a lap around your home to see what workout equipment you can uncover. They’re probably in plain sight as simple, everyday tools.

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