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Have Braces Become Outdated?


Just because you wore metal braces as a teen doesn’t mean it would be the best choice for your child as well.

Especially because now there are more alternatives to choose from, like Invisalign, clear aligners that are virtually invisible.

It is a very common myth about Invisalign treatment that it only works for adults. But, around 1 million people worldwide undergoing this treatment are teenagers!

Trained dentists can usually help by giving best advice whether or not the child must get braces, and what would the possible options and cost be.

Invisalign treatment is used by more than 100,000 Invisalign-trained doctors globally since it is considered as the most technically advanced aligner system.

Here are a few reasons to justify that traditional metal braces have become outdated when compared to the latest available options.

1. Braces Cause Discomfort

Teens of the past found it very hard to take care of their cheeks, inner lips and tongue that were prone to getting cuts from their metal brackets and wires.

With advancements in technology in teeth straightening, the young kids now do not have to stress on this fact as pain caused is minimal and lasts only for short durations.

The pain usually lasts only for the first week or so.

Additionally, these Invisalign are removable, which makes it easier for kids to remove it while playing sports or going about their day to day dealings.

2. Time Consuming Process

In the 21st century, kids are so engaged with different types of activities other than just school. Same goes for parents who are always held up with some work or the other.

For those with traditional metal braces, there might always be some emergency situations of broken wires or brackets.

This would require a doctor’s visit, between your busy schedules.

With clear aligners, there wouldn’t be a need to visit the doctor to have their braces manually adjusted by an orthodontist.

3. Food Restrictions

Patients with the traditional wires are often restricted from most food items. Chicken wings and caramel popcorn are just a pleasure to their eyes.


Kids with wired braces cannot eat sticky food like caramel, Image Credits: Flickr

Usually getting wired braces brings changes to the diet of the kid, which is unfavourable.

This includes avoiding hard, chewy, and sticky foods such as apples, beef, and many other candies.

Invisalign treatment on the other hand causes you none of these worries.

In Invisalign treatments, you can even clean the mouth with water and put them back on afterwards.

4. Oral Hygiene

Metal wires make brushing and flossing difficult and frustrating as they are meant to be worn throughout the entire length of treatment.

Due to this, the teeth aren’t cleaned properly either. Food particles get stuck which are difficult to remove and require advanced tools.

The plaque formed can cause issues in the future, and in some cases cause permanent discolouration of the teeth.

With Invisalign treatment it is easier to keep up with oral hygiene because these aligners are removable. So, teeth can be cleaned and flossed properly.

Oral hygiene

Plaque is formed due to poor oral hygiene, Image Credits: Authority dental

The Cost

Along with being an orthodontic decision on what braces to get it is a financial decision as well.

Costs for either of the treatments would differ with various dentists.

But usually Invisalign treatment costs more than the traditional wired braces.

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