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Here’s How You Can Stay Fit as a Stay-at-Home Parent

best at home workouts for moms

Young moms often find themselves in a difficult situation. They don’t get much time for themselves as most of their time gets used up in chasing the kids around the house. Before they know it, the day has flown by. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of family life, exercise is the last thing that comes in their mind. But not anymore. Exercise for busy moms doesn’t have to be a far-flung thought. 

Did you know that starting a workout routine is only as difficult as it’s made out to be? It might be hard to believe, but it is surely possible to work up a good sweat and reap all the cardiovascular and muscle building benefits of the workout even on your busiest day! Take a look at the stay at home exercises and set yourself on the track of a healthy life.

The Ultimate Busy Mom Workout Schedule

You don’t have to train for hours at the gym or follow a specific workout routine everyday. There are innumerable ways of sneaking some good exercise throughout your day. You just need to get creative.

  1. Involve your kids

  2. Get more active

  3. Shorten the duration of your workout

  4. Strength train using your kids

1. Involve Your Kids as Part of Your Stay at Home Exercise Schedule

Mother working out with a kid

Make exercise fun by involving your kids in it. They might be a little apprehensive of participating in the workout, but when they will see you perform various moves, it won’t take them long to join you. Take them for walks or go for bike rides with them. You can play some outdoor games with your kids also. Take out your double stroller, put your kid in it and start jogging. Within no time you will find that you are glistening with sweat. 

2. Get More Active

Take stairs as an exercise for busy moms

Guess what! Working out does not have to mean lifting heavy weights or running for miles and miles. The best at home workouts for mom are rooted in the philosophy of staying active all day long. Take the stairs instead of escalator if you’re out, add some walking into your schedule, and perform some strength training movements like squats and lunges when you’re cooking dinner or preparing a tea for your husband. Everything counts. The more you stay active, the more calories you will burn. Hence you will never have to worry about piling on pounds.

3. Shorten the Duration of Your Workout

Woman working out at home

It is one of the biggest myths that for getting fit and achieving a super toned physique you have to workout for at least 60-90 minutes each day. It makes most moms abandon their journey to achieving good health before even starting it. You simply do not need to exercise for such long durations. Just cut down your workout to that of 25-30 minutes and you’re good to go! You will be amazed at how different your body looks in just a month’s time!

4. Strength Train Using Your Kids

Woman working out with her child

Your babies can also become your equipment and provide you an amazing workout. Hold them and perform some squats, lunches, and overhead presses. You will have a good workout experience while your kids will also get to enjoy themselves a lot. At the same time, you can also purchase some light weights online to do simple exercises at home.

Did you see how easy it is to get a great workout at home? Apart from the ways mentioned above, you can also be more creative and come up with more ways to sneak in physical activities. The possibilities are endless. You just need a strong will. While you are working out, don’t forget the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet to help you achieve your weight loss and other fitness gals.

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