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How To Do Trunk Extension Exercises

Do you know that sitting continuously for extended periods is as bad as smoking? trunk extension exercises is because constant sitting causes us to bend forward unknowingly. It adversely affects your posture and gives you a slump earlier on in life.

Sitting in a bad posture also puts our spine under pressure. It may, over a while, impact its health negatively. Back or trunk extension/ stretches should be done by every person whose daily schedule consists of sitting in a particular position for a prolonged period of time. Strengthening your trunk extension muscles will help properly align your spine and get rid of many upper and lower back pain.

Easy Trunk Extension Exercises You Can Do at Home

Follow these simple exercises and benefit from them in the form of a healthy spine and a good posture.

  1. Basic trunk extension stretch.

  2. Back extension with or without arm support.

  3. Plank with knees bent.

  4. Table top position.

  5. Lower back yoga stretch.

1.  Basic Trunk Extension Stretch

Back stretch

woman doing a back stretch, Credit: Pixabay

Stand straight. Put your hands on your hips and start bending your upper back backward. Your lower back should initiate this motion. Stay here for 2-3 seconds and slowly pull your upper back forwards.

You can also go ahead and bend your back forwards and touch your toes with your hands. Trunk extension normal range is when your back is at an angle of 40-60 degrees. It is the first move you should do after you have sat for quite a long spell of time.

2.  Back Extension with or Without Arm Support

Back extension

Back extension exercise, Credit: Pixabay

Lie down on your face. Bend both of your arms in such a way that your forearms touch the floor. Pull your core muscles in and slowly raise the body from the ground without lifting or changing your forearms’ position. Your back muscles should lift you instead of your arms. Be in this position for around 10 seconds and then go back to the resting position. Do it at least ten times.

After sometime, you can do the same exercise without letting your forearms rest on the floor. You can raise both the arms off the floor for the exercise to become more challenging. If you feel any tension or pressure in the lower back, rest for a few moments and start again.

3.  Plank with Knees Bent


Woman performing plank exercise, Credit: Pixabay

The plank is an advanced exercise and should be done only when you feel that you’re ready to do it. Settle in a plank position. In the beginning, your knees can touch the floor. Now bend your arms and let your forearms rest on the floor. Your trunk should be away from the floor. Be in this position for around 10 seconds and then rest. This exercise can be done for upto 60 seconds if you feel strong.

4.  Table Top Position

Tabletop back exercise

Woman assisting a person in exercise, Credit: Pixabay

Settle in a tabletop position. Pull your stomach muscles in. Now slowly lift one arm keeping your balance steady. Now lift another arm. Keep alternating for about ten times. You can also close your eyes during this exercise to make it more challenging.

5.  Lower Back Yoga Stretch

lower back stretch

Woman doing an exercise, Credit: Pixabay

Lie on your abdomen. Bring both of your hands behind your back and clasp them together. Engage your core muscles. Take a big breath in and lift your head, chest, and legs from the floor. Exhale while you come down in the resting position. Repeat it ten more times.

Doing these back strengthening and stretching exercises regularly will increase your mobility and provide you with a much better posture. Your spine health will improve and you’ll be able to stand up taller.

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