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How To Get Periods Immediately: Guide To Foods, Medicines & When You Should See A Doctor

Mensuration is an important part of a women’s reproductive life. It gives the chance to procreate. There are many disorders related to mensuration, one of them is the absence of mensuration. If a woman misses her periods regularly then it is called amenorrhea.

There are many causative factors for a missed or delay in mensuration like fluctuating body weight, stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, pregnancy, menopause etc. However, there are some foods and medicines which you can intake to get your period back. he roles ofovarian hormones in mammals have been extensively studied over the last 40 yr for their effects on reproductive behavior, activity, bodyweight-regubating behaviors, and pattern of food intake. However, most research in human studies has centered on ovarian hormones as a factor in premenstrual tension and depression. A definite relationship in several mammals has been observed to exist between sex steroids and pattern of food intake as there is a depressed intake at ovulation when estrogen levels are at their peak, and it is logical to suspect that a similar pattern exists in human females.

This research was undertaken to determine whether women change their food intake significantly during the menstrual cycle. Most studies concerning the interactions between feeding and ovarian hormones have been conducted with the laboratory rat. A summary of the most important findings follows: Estradiol appears to be the principal ovarian hormone for regulating body weight, At proestrus, when estradiol is at its peak, food intake and body weight decrease, During diestrus, when progesterone is high and estrogen. Estrogen may be an appetite-suppressing hormone, and the change in its concentration may ac- count for the observed changes in food. Observation of the reported food intakes days of eight cycling females shows systematic calorie intake during the men- (raw data). struab cycle, with the intake being about 500 cal/day higher during the 10 days before the onset of the menstrual period than during the 10 days after.

Foods which you can eat

how to get periods immediately by food

Get periods immediately by these foods

Gud or jaggery

Jaggery is a natural sweetener which keeps you warm from within specially in winters. It will help to get your missed period on track if eaten on a regular basis.

load up on vitamin C

vitamin C foods like orange, kiwi, lemons can simulate estrogen and can induce periods in women.

Consume ginger regularly

one of the most beneficial natural agent to regulate periods. If you don’t like the taste of the raw ginger then add honey over it and eat it in the morning. This is good for regulating the hormonal imbalance and will help in getting your missed period back. You even consume hot ginger tea with fresh ginger slices and can even add honey in it.

Add turmeric to your daily diet

you should add turmeric in literally everything due to its multiple benefits. It can cause periods naturally. You can add it to warm milk and have it every night. This is also a natural healer and anti-septic.

Drink your favorite coffee

coffee is known to have effect on the blood. It can increase the blood flow and cause periods.

Beetroots are good

beetroots is rich in iron and folic acid. It should be a part of the regular diet of women who are low on haemoglobin.

Ajwain or carom seeds can do wonders

ajwain seeds are an important part of our recipes in India. Have a handful of seeds early in the morning along with some water. An ajwain tea can also be prepared by boiling water and adding carom seeds to it. This induces menses naturally.


parsley stimulates uterine contractions and is helpful during labor. It should not be taken by women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant.


eating pineapples might lead to the period you had missed. This is a overall healthy fruit that should be a part of you dialy diet.

Reduce stress levels

if we are feeling extremely stressful then it might disturb the hormonal balance which could lead to a missed period. Hence, lower your stress levels by following relaxation techniques like yoga, music, meditation etc. you can fix your daily routine, connect with family and friends, seek emotional support, take warm showers. Try to get a massage done and relax your muscles and destress. Take use of aromatherapy and try to keep that area warm to induce blood flow there. You can even dry yoga and pilates. The technique of mindfulness can be practiced too.

Sexual intercourse

periods can be triggered by sexual activity as well. If you excited enough then the cervix dilates and can induce blood flow. Having intercourse will also destress you and will keep a tab on your hormonal imbalance.

Don’t exercise too much

if you exercise a lot , it can cause more harm than good. Excessive physical activity can also lead to a missed period. So, always exercise in limits or as advised to you.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills can control the hormonal activity inside your body. But these pills has a few side effects as well, so next time before popping them do consult your doctor.

So when is that you must see your doctor?

foods to get periods immediately

Girl during period pain

  1. If you have missed many periods and are not pregnant then you must get yourself checked by your doctor.

  2. Also, If you think you might be pregnant

  3. If you have missed 3 or more menses

  4. Your menopause has not kicked in

  5. You have bleeding when it is not your due date

  6. The menses are irregular and heavy

  7. You have excessive pain during menses

What medicine to eat to get your periods back?

Medroxyprogesterone can be eaten to get regular menstrual cycle. It is available under many brand names. It should be taken as advised by the doctor.

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