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I Did a Football Workout at Home for a Month. Here’s What Happened

Fitness is a crucial aspect of a footballer’s life. They are known for their rigorous training sessions on the field as well as in the gym. Taking inspiration from them, several football fans decide to embark on their own journey of achieving the fitness and strength of their favourite players.

There are many football workouts at home that just mildly vary from their gym counterparts. People often make the mistake of thinking that the high-intensity strength training and endurance workout can only be done at a fitness centre where a variety of equipment is there to take care of all your needs.

But what they don’t realize is that the gym isn’t the only place where such workouts can be performed. Many football workouts at home without equipment are meant for people who don’t want to spend money on an expensive gym membership. Check out some of them.

Strength and Speed Workouts for Football at Home

The workout that is guaranteed to give you results in the form of enhanced strength and improved speed consist of the following exercises that are performed back to back. If you’re a beginner, you can take a minute’s rest between each exercise. But if you have a good fitness level, then you can execute all these movements without taking any rest in between.

The high school football workout at home plan include the following exercises:

  1. Squat jumps

  2. Pushups

  3. Lunge jumps

  4. Plank

1.   Squat jumps

speed workouts for football at home

Woman doing squat jumps, Credit: Pixabay

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Engage your core and bend into a squat position. Push your hips out. Then explode up in one jump and come back into the same position. Do this for about 30-50 seconds depending upon your fitness level.

2.   Pushups


Man performing pushups, Credit: Pixabay

Put your palms and toes to the ground. The weight of your entire body should be on your palms and toes. Lower your chest until it is only 4-5 inches away from the floor. Then bring yourself back to the starting position. Do it for at least 10-15 times.

3.   Lunge Jumps

football workouts at home

Woman showing how to perform lunge jumps, Credit: Pixabay

Place your right leg in front of your left leg, bend down and jump up while switching your legs. Perform this exercise, switching your legs back to back for atleast 30 seconds. It will work your balance as well as your speed.

4.   Plank

plank workouts

Woman in plank position, Credit: Pixabay

Get in a pushup position but dont lower your chest. Your hips and shoulders should be in one straight line. Keep your core tight. You can bend your knees if you’re a beginner. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to one minute as per your fitness level.

What Doing This Football Workout at Home Will Do to Your Body?

american football workouts at home

A healthy woman, Credit: Pixabay

When you’re starting with this workout program, you will find it challenging to stick to it every day. But after 7-8 days, you will find your body getting adapted to it. There will be times where you’re muscles will feel sore the next day, so you need to stretch after completing the workout every day. Some of the changes that you can expect in a month are:

  1. Improved strength and endurance

  2. More energy than usual

  3. Less tiredness and fatigue

  4. Beginning of a muscle definition in your body

  5. Less cravings of unhealthy food items

  6. Inch loss and weight loss

The beauty of these american football workouts at home is that everyone can do them at their own comfort. It is a great way not only to enhance your overall strength but also to boost your health for life. If you’re wanting to exercise for ling but don’t know where to start your fitness journey.

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