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Pain in Penis? Keep Calm and Read This

Pain in penis is experienced by many men. It is felt while doing activities like sexual intercourse, urination, or simply sitting. Most men have felt this sort of pain at some point in their lives. The throbbing, dull, or burning pain can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from sexually transmitted, infections, or allergies.

Penis pain is generally common in those men who are sexually active or those who are taking some kind of medication. It can be treated with natural pain relief remedies. However, if you are feeling severe pain that is not subsiding for a few days, then its best to seek medical help.

What Causes Pain in Penis?

There are a wide range of underlying factors that can make your penis hurt. They are:

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases

  2. Prolonged sex

  3. Infections like urinary tract infections, bladder infections, or urethritis.

  4. Allergic reactions

  5. Skin conditions and poor hygiene

  6. Swelling of the prostate gland (Prostatitis)

  7. Peyronie’s disease

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Caption: A couple in a room, Credit: Pixabay

Viruses and bacterias that cause sexually transmitted diseases can make you experience pain in your penis. Infections like gonorrhea and herpes can leave you with itching and burning sensation on your penis. You can find out if you suffer from a sexually  transmitted infection by the following symptoms:

  1. Pain in penis during sex

  2. Pain while ejaculation

  3. Itchiness in penis

  4. Pain during urination

2. Prolonged Sex

Sometimes a long and vigorous sexual intercourse can also leave your penis sore for days afterward. You can feel pain in penis after sex, which results from strained and injured muscle tissues. You may also feel pain in penis after masturbation sometimes. It might be due to prostatic congestion. Go easy on masturbation the next time you do it.

3. Infections Like Urinary Tract Infections, Bladder Infections, or Urethritis

Bladder Infections

Caption: A man urinating, Credit: Pixabay

Urinary tract infections include infections of kidney, bladder, and urethra. It’s most common symptom is experiencing pain in penis while urinating. Other symptoms include an urge to urinate more often and the presence of blood in the urine.

4. Allergic Reactions

Certain soaps and detergents can be very harsh when used on the skin of your penis. They may cause an allergic reaction. Besides, contact with certain plants like poison ivy may also cause allergy in your penis area as it’s very sensitive.

5. Skin Conditions and Poor Hygiene

There are certain infectious skin conditions that rapidly spread all over the skin of your penis. Compromised genital hygiene can also lead to the formation of bacterias and cause inflammation in the penis and consequent pain.

6. Swelling of Prostate Glands (Prostatitis)

Man experiencing pain

Caption: Man experiencing pain, Credit: Pixabay

The inflammation of the prostate gland can cause pain in the pelvic area. It’s common symptoms include:

  1. Pain while urinating

  2. Pain in the bladder or penis

  3. Pain in ejaculating

7. Peyronie’s Disease

According to doctors, this disease develops due to scarring in the penis. The scarring may be caused by an autoimmune disorder. You can find out if you’re suffering from it by the following symptoms:

  1. Formation of lumps on the sides of your penis

  2. Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse

  3. Penis pain during erection

  4. A shorter size of the penis

How Can Pain In the Penis Be Treated?

penis pain relief medicine

Caption: Doctor with a patient, Credit: Pixabay

All the above-mentioned causes of penis pain can be treated with the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Antibiotics and antifungal medications are used to deal with various sexually transmitted infections. Several steroid creams and anti-viral medications are also prescribed as a line of treatment.

There are many pain relief home remedies that you can try yourself to get rid of your penis pain. They are:

  1. Cold compress to soothe inflamed penis.

  2. Maintaining proper penis hygiene.

  3. Massaging your penis with oil.

  4. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle

You can prevent your painful penis condition by reaching out to a medical professional earlier on. If the pain persists, its better to avoid self-medication and seek treatment.

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