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Sensitive Teeth: Do Hot And Cold Bother You?

Do you often wonder, why does my tooth hurt when i drink something cold? It feels terrible to know that you cannot enjoy your favorite ice cream or cold beverage anymore because of your teeth sensitivity. The sharp ache you feel when hot or cold food items or drinks hit your teeth isn’t something that happens only to you. It is experienced by an exceeding number of people all over the world.

You may even venture to think that this condition is untreatable and that you will be left wondering, why do my teeth hurt when i drink something hot or cold for the rest of your life. But we are here to tell you that it is not so.

Teeth Sensitivity: What Is It?

As the enamel of your teeth wears down, numerous tiny tubes present in the inside layers of your teeth become vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures. The cells in these tubes get stimulated as soon as you eat something hot or cold. It causes you to wince in pain every time you take a bite or sip of food items like ice cream, coffee, or a cold drink.

Sometimes the surface of your tooth enamel develops cracks due to exposure to extreme temperatures. It makes the nerves inside the tooth enamel, particularly sensitive to hot and cold sensations.

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

Dental health

A dentist with a patient, Credit: Pixabay

Some common causes of teeth sensitivity are:

  1. Over Brushing, which can erode your gum line and leave the inside layers of your teeth exposed.

  2. Poor dental hygiene, which causes plaque to build up especially in the teeth of those who wear braces.

  3. Consuming too much soda, caffeine, tea, wine, and juices. They contain high levels of acid that causes the wearing out of teeth enamel.

  4. Using teeth whitening products which contain harsh chemicals that erode the layer of enamel on your teeth.

After knowing these causes of tooth sensitivity, it’s impossible for you to wonder, why do my teeth hurt when I drink something really cold. But don’t worry, you can get rid of it by following the below-given treatment options.

How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth?

There are several ways by which you can treat teeth sensitivity.

  1. Check your toothpaste brand.

  2. Practicing a good dental routine.

  3. Gently brush your teeth.

  4. Avoid or limit acidic food items.

1.  Check Your Toothpaste Brand


Toothpaste and a toothbrush, Credit: Pixabay

All the toothpastes that promise to give you shiny white teeth are usually filled with harsh whitening agents. They are not suitable for your enamel, so you need to exercise caution when purchasing a toothpaste for your teeth or purchase private label charcoal toothpaste. Choose one that is specially developed for sensitive teeth instead of one that claims to give you whiter teeth.

2.  Practicing Good Dental Routine

Good dental hygiene

Mother and child brushing their teeth, Credit: Pixabay

Proper dental hygiene is a must for everyone, irrespective of whether you’re suffering from sensitive teeth or not. You need to clean your teeth twice a day and rinse them after meals to ensure that all the acids and food sugar is washed away. It is especially relevant for those who wonder why does my tooth hurt when i drink something cold with braces.

3.  Gently Brush Your Teeth

Gentle teeth brushing

Woman with a toothbrush, Credit: Pixabay

Avoid brushing your teeth vigorously. Over-brushing your teeth will only damage your enamel instead of giving you whiter teeth. Avoid using a brush whose bristles are too stiff and change your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

4.  Avoid or Limit Acidic Food Items

Acidic food

Acidic beverages, Credit: Pixabay

Limit your intake of high acid food items and beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. They can cause the enamel of your teeth to wear away, resulting in teeth sensitivity.

Now you must have gotten a clear idea about your tooth sensitivity issue. It is not a very serious condition, and the pain can be easily minimized by consistently following one or the other treatment options mentioned above. Practice good dental hygiene, and soon you’ll no longer wonder desperately why does my tooth hurt when i drink something cold or hot.

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