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Thrown Out Back: What To Do, Treatments, And Causes

What does it mean to throw your back out? It’s a common question that those unfamiliar with this phrase, which is used for a painful back condition, wonder. Many people, at some point in their lives, experience backache issues. And why not? Hardly anyone gives attention to the fact that their back is what supports their entire posterior body. Your back is one of the largest and major organs that functions to keep you stable and upright through the spinal.

Sometimes you can injure your back muscles or strain them while doing any physical activity like gardening, weight training, or simply lifting something too heavy. It results in acute back pain, which varies in intensity from person to person. It is what is known as throw out back. Indeed its an excruciatingly painful condition. But here you’ll get to know what to do when you throw your back out that will alleviate your pain significantly.

What Causes Throw out Back?

Bad posture

Man sitting in a bad posture, Credit: Pixabay

It happens due to various reasons in different people. Some common causes include:

  1. Muscle injury leading to muscle spasms.

  2. Certain infections and tumors.

  3. Sudden twisting or overstretching.

  4. Sitting for a long time in a poor posture.

  5. Lifting objects that are too heavy.

  6. Damage to blood vessels, ligaments or other connective tissue.

Can you throw your back out coughing? It’s a common question asked by people suffering from back pain but not because of the causes mentioned above. Yes, you can. Sudden forceful coughing or a sharp sneeze can cause spine misalignment by putting too much pressure on it. It directly results in you throwing your back.

What to Do When You Throw Your Back Out?

  1. Take anti-inflammatory medications.

  2. Alternate between cold and hot packs.

  3. Do some back stretching and strengthening exercises.

  4. Get adequate rest.

1.  Take Anti-inflammatory Medications

Pain killer ibuprofen

A packet of pain-reliever medicine, Credit: Pixabay

Some over-the-counter pain relievers work well to reduce the inflammation in your back. You can take medications like ibuprofen and naproxen. They are sure to provide some relief. Only consume the recommended dosage of these drugs.

2. Alternate between Cold and Hot Packs

Cold and hot packs

A person undergoing an ice pack treatment, Credit: Pixabay

Use some ice packs on your back to reduce the swelling. When you feel like the pain has considerably reduced or found some difference in your swelling, you can switch onto heat treatment. Warm packs will act as muscle relaxants and stimulate blood circulation in the affected area.

3. Do Some Back Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Back stretching exercises

Woman doing a back exercise, Credit: Pixabay

Do some stretching exercises to relieve tension and pain. Some simple stretches for when you throw your back out include back extension, the bridge position, and child’s pose yoga stretch.

4. Get Adequate Rest

Rest sleep

Woman resting in fetel position, Credit: Pixabay

You should know how to sleep when you throw your back out. On a hard surface, lay on your stomach. Relax your hand by your sides. Such a position puts your back and its muscles in a much more relaxed position. To minimize the strain on your back, try to sleep in a fetal position.

Treatment and Prevention

Healthy lifestyle

A person exercising, credit: Pixabay

If you think that you cannot manage this painful condition at home, it’s time to seek medical help. Physical therapy, which includes certain strengthing exercises performed under a specialist’s guidance, can prove immensely beneficial. Some yoga asanas can also impart flexibility while building the overall strength of your back. Your doctor can also prescribe you strong pain relievers if your current medications aren’t working well.

Some ways by which you can prevent throw out back condition are:

  1. Exercise and maintaining healthy body weight.

  2. Never forget to warm up before engaging in physical activities.

  3. Maintain a good posture. Don’t slump your back.

  4. Quit smoking. It disrupts the blood flow, depriving the tissues of your spinal cord of oxygen

Hence, we see that throw out back is a common condition that can strike anyone without warning. With a few small measures, you can protect yourself against this extremely painful back issue. If you think that you’re not getting relief from pain despite taking every measure, it is best to immediately reach out to your doctor.

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