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Top Chest Workout for a Larger and Harder Chest

Chest workouts are an essential part of every training plan. Well-defined pec muscles can dramatically enhance a man’s overall physical appearance. This is one of the major reasons why you will notice most men working on their chest at the gym. They strive to get better at chest press by consuming a protein-rich diet and progressively overloading their chest muscles.

But doing a random chest exercise just because everyone seems to be doing it won’t get you the results that you desire. You need to follow a workout plan that is tailored to your specific fitness goals. Many people think that they can smash a good workout only at the gym. But there are several moves that you can also perform equally well at home. Chest exercises at home can be done with minimal equipment like a bench and a set of dumbbells. Moreover, this workout can be done by women as well. They don’t have to shy away from lifting heavy at the gym. Without wasting anymore time, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the best exercise for chest along with a workout plan tailored specifically to your desire of attaining a pec-tacular chest!

How to Increase Chest Size – the Best Workout

In this workout you do a series of movements that are aimed to stimulate your chest muscles and prompt them to grow. Remember that the training will only be effective if you fuel your diet with the adequate amount of protein needed to repair and build your muscles.

Do the following exercises consecutively while taking a minute of rest between each of them

  1. Flat bench press

  2. Incline bench press

  3. Also, Incline dumbbell press

  4. Incline dumbbell flye

  5. Push up

1.   Flat Bench Press

bench press for men

Man performing flat bench press, Credit: Pixabay

There is perhaps no chest workout for men that does not begin with the classic flat bench press. But before you try to churn out rep after rep of this compound movement, heed the following instructions.

Lie flat on the bench. You should be holding the barbell with your hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your core muscles tight and slowly bring the bar towards your chest. Now press it upwards. Do 8-10 reps of this move.

If you’re doing this exercise at home, you can purchase this versatile multi-bench home gym equipment which can be adjusted to help you perform all the movements in this workout.

2.   Incline Bench Press

chest workout for men

Man performing incline bench press, Credit: Pixabay

On an incline bench, lie down while holding a barbell with hands that are a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Brace your core muscles and bring down the bar to your chest. Now push it back up. Do 8-10 reps of this move.

Again, if you’re working out at home, investing in this home gym set that has a barbell for this exercise is a good idea.

3.   Incline Dumbbell Press

chest workout with dumbell

Man performing incline dumbbell press, Credit: Pixabay

This exercise for chest involves holding a dumbbell in each hand and laying down on an incline bench. Pull in your core muscles and push the weights up till your arms are straight. Now slowly lower them to the starting position.

To achieve the maximum benefits of this exercise, do it in a slow and controlled motion, performing 8-10 repetition at a time.

4.   Incline Dumbbell Flye

bench press chest workout

Woman performing incline dumbbell flye, Credit: Pixabay

This exercise will enable you to get a great upper chest workout. Lie on an incline bench with one dumbbell in each hand. Bend your shoulder lightly and lower your hands to your side. Now push them back up. Perform 8-10 repetitions of this move.

5.   Push Up

pushup for mens

Man performing pushups, Credit: Pixabay

End your workout by doing pushups. Get into a plank position with your hands below your shoulders. Brace your core and bend your elbows. Press down and back up. Do 8-10 repetitions while maintaining good form.

Try completing four sets of the above-mentioned exercises. Take 2-3 minutes of rest after every set and stretch your chest muscles. Within a month you will definitely notice an improvement in the appearance of your chest.

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