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Virat Kohli Diet: What Does the Man Eat? | IPL 2020

India is known worldwide for its cricket fans. Billions of people fall head over heels in love with their favorite players and try to imbibe all their qualities and habits in themselves. Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, is no such exception.

Kohli, who batted for 49 overs in the 3rd ODI of the series against South Africa at Cape Town, is known for his rock-solid abs and an impressive muscle definition. With the responsibility of leading the entire cricket team on his shoulders, it’s no doubt that fitness tops in the list of Virat’s priorities. Hence, to remain at his productive best, he cannot do away with eating anything and everything without moving his body.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of virat kohli diet plan and workout regime for his fans and everyone else to get inspired to remain fit.

Virat Kohli Diet and Workout

Food and exercise equipment

Food and exercise equipment, Credit: Pixabay

IPL 2020 is all the rage right now. It is when cricketers need to look and feel their healthiest to perform at their best. But it does not mean only rigorous workouts consisting of long training sessions and agility drills. Diet is one of the intrinsic parts of any healthy lifestyle along with other things like stress management and adequate hydration and rest.

Cricketers spend their whole life perfecting their skills on the field. As many of you might be aware, Virat turned 31 this year. Recently he said that he wants to be able to give his best in the coming future. For this, he needs to be vigilant about his health and fitness status. It means not only days of hard training, but a well-balanced diet consisting of adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Virat Kohli Diet Plan

A nutrition plan

A nutrition plan, Credit: Pixabay

Virat used to be a hardcore non-vegetarian only a few years back. He has recently switched over to a predominantly vegetarian diet that is 90% free from all animal products. Earlier his meals consisted of egg white, salmon, chicken, and bacon. Now he relies on his superfood salad to give all the nutrition and energy he needs throughout the day.

After switching over to a vegetarian diet, he has experienced a tremendous increase in his energy and performance. Additionally, he does not consume any sugar and processed foods in the form of candies, cakes, chips, crackers, etc. he prefers homemade food instead of store-bought junk.

His diet mostly consists of vegan protein shakes, vegetables, and soya. He eats a lot of seasonal fruits like papaya and watermelon. His breakfast comprises gluten-free bread with nut butter. He does not consume dairy products and drinks up to 3-4 cups of green tea every day.

Virat Kohli Workout Plan

A workout plan

A workout plan, Credit: Pixabay

Virat works out five days a week, giving his body two days rest in between. He builds his muscle strength and stamina through a combination of weight training and cardio exercises. Virat pays special attention to his lower body, especially legs and back. Their strength is critical to his performance.

He enjoys cross-country runs and bicycle rides. His workouts typically consist of compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, burpees, and sit ups. Additionally, he also throws kickboxing in his workouts.

Thus, you see that a lot of hard work goes into creating and maintaining the fitness level of leading cricketers like Virat. If you also want to attain an impressive physique like him, start out by adding some form of physical activity daily into your routine. At the same time, don’t forget the importance of earring a well-balanced diet.

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