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What You Should Really Know Before Manipulating Your Periods

Menstrual cycle is a normal part of every woman’s life postpone periods naturally. A woman needs her menses on a monthly basis to remain fertile. Although having periods is not something for which women eagerly anticipate, most of us are more or less fine with their occurrence every month. But there are some, especially teenagers and young adults to whom heavy period flows come with many other problems.

They often experience cramps and stomach pains not to mention the mood swings. Hence, they desire to get rid of it and search for ways on how to postpone periods naturally.

Why Do Women Manipulate with Their Periods?

Woman, periods, pain

Woman in pain, Credit: Pixabay

Women may wish to manipulate their periods for a variety of reasons. It might be surprising to those who have never had a problem with their periods. But several women experience numerous skin issues, pain in legs or stomach, bloating, breast tenderness and many other problems that start prior to the onset of their cycle. Combine this with a heavy flow, and you’ve got every reason to manipulate your period or delay their occurrence.

Experiencing periods and associated discomfort also becomes terrifying when you have an important event to attend or a vacation to relax. Such scenarios induce women to look for ways on how to prepone periods. Girls frantically search for tips and remedies on how to get periods immediately in one day or how to get periods in one hour.

Can You Manipulate Your Periods?

Woman, sanitary napkin, periods

Woman with a sanitary napkin, Credit: Pixabay

Periods can certainly be manipulated. Women who postpone periods naturally or prepone their periods do so by either using natural remedies or by taking a medicine to delay periods. The most common natural remedies for manipulating the period cycle involves consumption of certain fruits like papaya, herbs and vitamin c rich foods.

Apart from natural remedies, medical ways to suppress menstruation and manipulate your cycle are broadly categorized as follows.

  1. Hormonal therapies

  2. Using a vaginal ring

  3. Medroxyprogesterone injection

  4. Contraceptive implant

Some of the commonly prescribed medicines for those searching how to get periods fast or delay periods are:

  1. Norethisterone

  2. Primolut- N

  3. Ibuprofen

  4. Ovral-G

Is Manipulating Periods Dangerous?

Warning, caution, danger

A warning sign, Credit: Pixabay

Before you go ahead and manipulate your periods, note that menstruation is essential for you to remain fertile and eventually start a family. While its manipulation is not linked with big health consequences, frequently doing it may certainly give you many side-effects.

The effects of suppressing periods vary according to the age of the woman. Girls before the age of 16 should not interfere with their period cycle primarily because their menstruation is still at its formative stages. Adult women may face some other side effects listed below

  1. Stunted growth

  2. Breakthrough bleeding (spotting or light menstruation)

  3. Risk of unwanted pregnancy

  4. Low bone mineral density due to medroxyprogesterone injections

  5. Mental illnesses like depression

Some side-effects of using contraceptive pills to suppress your periods are:

  1. A general feeling of being sick

  2. Irritable bowel syndrome

  3. Sudden vaginal bleeding

  4. Nausea

  5. Head pains

Summing it all up, we can say that although there are ways to manipulate periods, you should resort to them only if you find it extremely difficult to deal with them. Or if you have a health condition that makes it necessary for you to prevent blood loss. Under normal circumstances, it is best to allow the periods cycle to happen postpone periods naturally.

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