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How To Reduce Chest Fat: Easy Tips For Males And Females

A strong, well-developed, and lean chest does more than just enhance your overall physical look. It provides you with endurance that you need to function optimally in your daily life. If you have a great upper body strength you will not get exhausted as easily as those who don’t. For both men and women, a powerful and well-developed chest is of immense importance. Women can benefit from improved chest physique as it will directly result in better support to their back as well as underlying breast tissues.

One can say that when it comes to reducing fat from this area of the body, women are generally less inclined than men. But they should not ignore the crucial fact that enhancing their chest strength and getting rid of unwanted fat in this part will provide them great health benefits too. When all is said and done, how to reduce chest fat is one question that is often asked by both the sexes on various online portals. Before you find out the ways by which it can be effectively achieved, it is important to gain an understanding of the anatomy of your chest.

Which Chest Muscles You Need to Target?

chest structure

chest anatomy, Credit: Canva

Let us find out how your chest is structured. The upper part of your torso is held in place by twelve pairs of ribs. These ribs are attached to the central bone of your chest called sternum. It is covered by the muscle called pectoralis major which forms the bulk of your chest region and a thin triangular muscle called pectoralis minor which is just beneath it. These two muscles are what you need to target if you want to reduce the fat in your chest as well as increase the strength of this region.

When you eat high calorie food items and do not exercise to burn their calories, fat starts to accumulate on top of these muscles, giving your chest a flabby appearance. Hence the answer to the question how to reduce chest fat needs is a calorie-controlled diet along with exercises that target whole and chest muscles in particular.

How to Reduce Chest Fat for Male and Female

healthy diet

bowl of salad, Credit: Canva

One of the first steps in order to achieve a nice definition in your chest is to start eating a healthy diet. You need to understand that spot reduction from only one part of your body, that is, chest, is not possible. In order to eliminate the fat sitting on top of your chest, you need to eat fewer calories than you expend by way of any physical activity. It will allow your muscle shape to come to the surface. Only when your calories are in control, you will find the full benefits of chest exercises that you are doing.

If you are eating more than you are able to expend or burn, then no matter how many chest exercises like push ups, chest press, dumbbell flyes, etc. you do, you will not be able to alter the appearance of your chest. Some of the effective tips for reducing your caloric intake are mentioned below.

  1. Eat whole foods, primarily fruits and vegetables.

  2. Try to avoid food items that are processed or brought from a store.

  3. Stop consuming sugar as it is only a source of empty calories. Use sugar free supplements like Splenda, Stevia, and Sugarfree.

  4. Ensure that your diet has a high amount of protein in it. It will keep you satiated and less hungry throughout the day.

  5. Limit or stop the intake of alcohol.

  6. Include moderate quantities of fat in your diet. Healthy fats in food items like chia seeds, flax seeds, butter will keep your blood sugar level stable.

  7. Make sure to eat a raw salad consisting of vegetables like carrot, cucumber, tomato, etc. alongside your meals.

Now that you have got a fairly clear idea of how to reduce chest fat through diet, let us move on to the exercise to reduce breast size that you can easily do at home.

How to Decrease Breast Size

How to lose chest fat through exercises is a common question that many people who are just starting out with an exercise regime ask. There are many exercises that you can do to target the region of your chest and impart an impressive shape. All you need is a pair of dumbbells to execute them.

  1. Push up

  2. Dumbbell or weight pull-over

  3. Chest or bench press

  4. Any kind of cardio exercise

1.   Push Up

how to reduce chest fat

Woman doing a push up, Credit: Canva

This is a classic chest exercise that requires no equipment. Start by holding yourself in a plank position. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders and your feet should be exactly shoulder width apart. Now you need to lower down. Try to touch your chest to the floor. Now lift your chest back up. You can do any amount of reps in proper form to get the most out of this exercise. Include it daily in your exercise routine.

2.   Dumbbell or Weight Pull Over

chest exercise

Woman doing dumbbell pullovers, Credit: Canva

Another great chest exercise, it requires you to lay on a bench with a set of weights in your hands. The dumbbells should be held straight above your head by your hands. Now lower down the weights till they reach the level of your ears. Straighten them back. Repeat this exercise for ten to twelve repetitions. Ensure that you are doing this exercise with a weight that you can handle well. If you are able to do ten to twelve repetitions without any problem then take slightly heavier weights the next time you perform this exercise.

3.   Chest or Bench Press

chest exercise for chest fat

Woman doing chest press, Credit: Canva

Another great exercise to reduce breast size is the chest press. Lay down on a bench with dumbbells in each one of your hands. Start pressing up the dumbbells till your arms become straight. Now lower them back down. Your elbows should be at an angle of 45 degrees. Feel your chest muscles working while you push the dumbbells up. Complete ten to twelve repetitions of this exercise.

4.   Any Kind of Cardio Exercise

cardio exercise for chest fat

Woman exercising, Credit: Canva

Apart from doing strength exercises, you should not forget your cardiovascular fitness. Engage in cardio exercises like running, walking, cycling, and jogging so that you are able to burn excess calories and find your chest muscles becoming more prominent and visible.

Hopefully, you must have gained a thorough understanding of how to reduce chest fat through a combination of diet and exercise. It’s time you start implementing these tips.

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